• ESNPC was founded on the belief that

    • Neonatal health is the core for community power and wealth .
    • Continuous medical education should be target for all working in the medical field .
    • Knowledge should be sought to improve the human condition .
  • ESNPC is a

    non profit,
    non governmental

    ESNPC is to dramatically improve the outcomes of neonates by providing proven ,evidence-based medical products that are
    safe, reliable and easy to use.ESNPC strive to be an internationally recognized society in filed of neonatology by
    providing the best possible CME education in the field of neonatal sciences in form of seminars,which are held by most
    distinguished experts in their field nationally and internationally .

    ESNPC exists to prepare its members with the tools, skills, and knowledge to be the best qualified health professionals
    1) to advocate for infants, children,adolescents, and young adults and provide for their care;
    2) to collaborate with others to assure neonatal health; and
    3) to ensure that decision-making affecting the health and well-being of neonates and their families is based upon the needs
    of those neonates and families.
    ESNPC also exists to support members professional satisfaction and personal growth.
    By providing these services, the ESNPC will be the most valuable professional organization to which those eligible
    for membership can belong.
  • Goals

    • To provide for postgraduate trainees, neonatologists, high quality educational offerings.
    • To foster the development of evidence-based practice guidelines and outcomes research to identify for our members best
     practice styles in the provision of neonatal.
    • To support the enhancement of research efforts in the basic sciences which foster to the health and well-being of the fetus,
    the pregnant mother and the newborn infant.
    • To define the quantity and type of neonatal training experiences which are essential for neonatologist who will be caring
     for the neonate of the 21st century.
    • To serve as a resource for the Academy's Board of Directors and the many Committees and Sections of the Academy
    in the areas of neonatal health.
    • To serve as a local, regional and national lobbying group to maintain a high level of national awareness around issues
    which impact the health of the newborn infant.